Lord of Desires


Mammon is a burly ogre with a lantern jaw, something of a beer gut, and coal-colored eyes and hair. he has tiny nubs of horns and far too many teeth. His skin is golden, and his teeth ivory. He is invariably well-dressed. His Mantle is an aura of cool, damp air with a faint floral scent, and the occasional blooming flower. When he invokes a Contract, the air is filled with drifting flower petals.

In the Hedge: Within 500 feet of Mammon, the trees and walls of the Hedge grow tall and mighty and vibrant, blossoming with parasitic flowers that crawl and climb across the trees, and the fruits swell large and pendulous. The smell of cooked meat is pervasive. Lasts 1 Hour/Scene (+ 3 to track him).

When Mammon reigns, this becomes the default state of the Hedge within the freehold’s territory, and only superseded by figures of powerful Wyrd.


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